We currently support the following modes:


We currently have the following modes hard-linked into the system:

A list of registered, dedicated hard-links into the 420 Network:
Owner Service Callsign Sort descending Services Offered Other Services Service Details Service Location Receive Frequency Transmit Frequency Service RF Mode RF Output Power Antenna Height
VE1DRU VE1DRU-L Echolink Echolink: 208087 Tone: 110.9Hz Calgary, Alberta 147.42000 Mhz 147.42000 Mhz FM 40.0 watts 12.0 feet
W7JCA W7JCA-L Allstar Allstar-49447 Las Vegas, NV USA 445.87500 Mhz 440.87500 Mhz FM 50.0 watts 35.0 feet


Las Vegas, NV USA
  • Allstar


Calgary, Alberta
  • Echolink
Echolink: 208087
Tone: 110.9Hz