Please note, that all ragchew is welcome at any time. Shown below are just some times that you know the network will be active.


ANNUAL Special Event – April 20

24 Hour 420 Ragchew – Welcoming all stations.

April 20, all day starting at 12:00 am AST / 11:00 am EST

Hosted by,
  Martin, VE1KLR
Scheduled Monday --> Friday:

420 Ragchew – Welcoming all stations.

8:30 pm AST / 7:30 pm EST

Hosted by,
  Martin, VE1KLR (Mon)
  Dave, VE1VFO (Tues)
  Russel, KB9NSK (Wed)
  Dug, ZL3DUG (Thurs)
  Mr B, WA7MRB (Fri)
  Joe, VE1JES (Backup)
Scheduled Monday --> Saturday:

Kowabunga Net  – Welcoming all stations.

8:30 am AST / 7:30 am EST

Hosted by,
  Russel, KB9NSK
  Darryll, VO1UKZ
Scheduled Sunday:

Amateur Radio Newsline

12:30 am AST / 11:30 am EST

Broadcast news bulletin

Kowabunga Net  – Welcoming all stations.

6:00 pm AST / 5:00 pm EST

Hosted by,
  Russel, KB9NSK