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Please note, that all ragchew is welcome at any time. Shown below are just some times that you know the network will be active.


DAILY All day Ragchew

420 Ragchew – Welcoming all stations.

24 hours a day, everyday


Scheduled Sunday:

Amateur Radio Newsline

Every Sunday at 4:00 pm UTC

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The 420 Ham Radio Network


Welcome, to The 420 Ham Radio Network.

A place for ragchew. Built to be used.


About us:

  Welcome to the 420 Network, a Ham Radio network originally created as an extension of the VE1KLR-L that's been running since April 2, 2004. Since VE1KLR-L operates on the frequency 147.420 Mhz, it's been known as the 420 for many stations local to the link. We felt that the 420 Network was a perfect name for our new network.

Network update

Submitted by VE1DRU on Sat, 12/22/2018 - 21:26

I’m currently moving the 420 network servers over to a high availability computer network. This way, all the servers will have real-time backup servers, ready to take up the slack if the main server goes off-line.

While copying some files, I noticed that I installed thebridge on Nov 16, 2018 @ 14:43 UTC. That was the first server we had, so that would be the official beginning of the 420 radio network.

Since that time, we’ve setup a dstar reflector, and linked it to the echolink conference *420* via WL4DX-L, and the same thing on DMR via VE1KLR-L.