Welcome, to The 420 Ham Radio Network.

A place for ragchew. Built to be used.


About us:

  Welcome to the 420 Network, a Ham Radio network originally created as an extension of the VE1KLR-L that's been running since April 2, 2004. Since VE1KLR-L operates on the frequency 147.420 Mhz, it's been known as the 420 for many stations local to the link. We felt that the 420 Network was a perfect name for our new network.

  As amateur radio operators, we all enjoy a good ragchew. We wanted to connect radio operators around the world on a more personal level through ragchew. So we linked the top radio modes in use today, currently using a Star Network Topology, to create a single, High Availability network, connecting amateur radio operators worldwide.

  So please, don't feel like you'll tie up this network - it's built to be used as much as you like. As an open invitation to all stations, please connect and join in the ragchew. 

The 420 Network


you can view and hear the network (without a radio, or an Amateur Radio license):
  1. You can listen "almost" live here, listenlive.420hamradio.network
  2. You can see the action here, dashboard.420hamradio.network


Some quick information about the 420 Network:


Our Goals:
  • Have many connected Links or Repeaters, operating on a "420" frequency such as 145.    420 Mhz, 147.420 Mhz, or 446.420 Mhz.
  • All possible modes except D-star (AllStar, Analog, Echolink, DMR, Fusion, ect...) are welcome.